My eldest daughter Soleil attended Montessori Mantra from 16 months until she was 4 ½ yrs old; and now my youngest daughter Thalea is enrolled in the Toddler Program. The decision to expose my children to the Montessori philosophy and enrolling them at Mantra went hand in hand. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my children’s lives. Montessori Mantra lives and breathes the true core of Montessori education. The life skills, structure and the discipline that comes with the Montessori foundation is truly represented at Mantra, not only by the physical environment, but more so from the hearts of the Director Ms. Nandita, and her admirable faculty of Teachers. I have complete trust and faith that my children are who they are today because of the roots and foundations learned and acquired at Montessori Mantra. The best thing you can do for your children is help them to establish a strong foundation – and Mantra has set them on this path well equipped to handle whatever may come their way. I have no doubt that children who are fortunate to receive this exposure are well ahead of the pack when they engage with their peers and surroundings. Real life is mimicked at Mantra, so it really helps children to transition what they learn at Mantra into their home life. I encourage all parents to follow this path and the best place to start is at Mantra – where you will find comfort and peace of mind in knowing that those caring for your children love and believe in them, nurture and steer them towards achieving success, and have your child’s best interest in mind – just as any parent would want. Mantra is an amazing and wonderful place for your child to be, especially to start their early years in this direction you will witness your child’s confidence as they strive towards success. I love all the staff at Montessori Mantra and I am so grateful for their influence in both my girls’ lives!

Selvi Sabna Rubio-Naranjo