Added Services

Martial arts: Children are taught martial arts by a qualified sensei. They progress from becoming proficient in the basics to earning stripes and eventually a yellow belt. They can begin from as early as toddler class.

Music: We have an enriched music program wherein all children learn rhythm and beats, and how to use various instruments. Vocal training is also part of the program. Children showcase their talent at year-end concerts for families.

Yoga: Early morning deep breathing and meditation exercises can help focus a child and inculcate a sense of peace and happiness.  Children are introduced to basic yoga postures, deep breathing, mindfulness and meditation.

Food program: Since good nutrition is essential for healthy growth and development, it is an important and intrinsic part of our program. We have food catered from Children’s Choice Catering. The food served to your child is customized to meet his/her dietary requirements and adheres to the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014. We make sure  children are not served processed food, or snacks or meals with excessive sugar or salt. Children are encouraged to eat everything that is served at each meal and may have several servings, if they wish.

Daily snack: In the Casa classroom, snacks are available to students on a self-serve basis. The teachers set out the food and children are encouraged to serve themselves when they are hungry. This allows the children to engage in uninterrupted work sessions, and allows for a more natural schedule, with the child’s personal needs at its core.
Note: Infants and toddlers have teacher-assisted snacks at scheduled times throughout the day.

Before and after-school programs: We have enriched before (7-8.30am) and after-school (4-6pm) programs. These programs include outdoor gross-motor activities, storytelling, music, and art and craft activities.